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Shopping (Dalhousie-Khajjiar)

Shopping in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

A visit to Dalhousie remains incomplete without splurging on the attractive items available in the hill town. Shopping here is a fun-filled experience for any traveler. The popular articles vary from attractive imported goods , souvenirs , lovely handicrafts to tiny trinklets and momentos.

The Tibetan market happens to be the favourite den of the tourists apart from The Mall. All the articles reflect the keen artistic sense of the local craftsmen and are truly exotic in appearance. Colorful cardigans, walking sticks, jackets and various handicrafts items increase the temptation among the tourists.

What to buy :
Local Crafts
Miniature Paintings
Chamba famous Chappals
Colorful bags
Kashmiri shawls
Tibetan shawls
Silver and copper ' diyas'



Where to Buy and what to buy :

Tibetan market - Kashmiri art and shawls, Buddhist paintings, woolens, junk jewelery, variety of copper and silver 'Diyas'

Himachal Handloom Industry Emporium - woolen shawls and exquisite handicrafts

Himachal Hand loom and Crafts Centre - Chamba and Kullu Shawls

Tibetan Handicrafts Center - Traditional Handicrafts and Tibetan Carpets, Souvenirs.

Shopping in Chamba

Shopping in Chamba is about shopping for local crafts. The main market surrounds the central Chaugan where you can buy all sorts of interesting things made of stone and metal - buy some of these as they make good memorabilia.

You will also be able to pick up miniature paintings of Chamba and Kangra and the popular Chamba chappals too.

Besides these if you are looking for woven shawls try the handicrafts Emporium and don’t forget to buy a bottle of the chilli pickle which Chamba is known for.